Kappadu Abbey welcomes you

The monk’s life is to consist of prayer, study and work, though when speaking of the Benedictine way of life people generally speak of the Benedictine motto as “ora et labora”. Right from the beginning we have given importance to all these three aspects. But a monastic community has to serve the Church and the society, in ways that are possible and are required. We were conscious of that responsibility right from the beginning. Our guest house caters to the needs of the local Church. People come for retreats either in groups or as individuals. We organise study programmes, especially Bible classes, for priests, religious and lay people. We welcome guests to stay with us and to experience the benedictine monastic life, to participate in all our liturgical celebrations. The guests can utilize the stay with us for spiritual renewal, silence and reading. There is also possibility for spiritual sharing and guidance. So, we welcome you very cordially to our Abbey.

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