St. Paul’s Benedictine Monastery, Vazhaveedu

In the year 2002 we purchased a twenty acres cardamom plantation at a place called Vazhaveedu, near Anakkara on the Kumali-Moonnar High way. It is up in the hills on the eastern boarder of Kerala some 80 kilometres away from Kappadu and is within the diocese of Kanjirappally. The new chapel was inaugurated in the year 2008 by His Excellency Mar Mathew Arackal, the bishop of Kanjirappally. Presently four monks stay there: Fr. Sinu Mackel, an expert in Cardamom cultivation, assisted by Bro. Jijesh Kodackanal; Bro. Albin Eranakuzhiyil and Bro. Droney Kuppozhackal. The cardamom plantation is well looked after; and so an important source of income for Kappadu.

Postal Address:

St. Paul’s Benedictine Monastery

Pampupara P.O, Vazhaveedu.

Idukki District, Kerala, 685 501.


Fr. Sinu Mackel. Tel: 04868 282700

Mob: 9061472115; 9446512115

Bro. Jijesh Kodackanal. Tel: 04868 282700

Mob: 9207180903; 9495879349.

Bro. Albin Eranakuzhiyil. Tel: 04868 282700

Mob: 9061138507; 8281375508.

Bro. Droney Kuppozhackal. Tel: 04868 282700

Mob: 9061139514; 8281396819.

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