St. John’s Benedictine Monastery, Karivedakam

In the year 2005 we purchased a site consisting of 26 acres of land and a rather spacious house from a private family. The house is in the north of Kerala, some 450 kilometres away from Kappadu within the pasrish of Karivedakam in the Archdiocese of Thalasserry. The house has a variety of agricultural income: rubber, coconuts, arakenuts, pepper and cashew nuts. Not only the community makes enough money for their own ordinary expenses, they are also in a position to make some annual contribution to Kappadu. In the year we completed the construction of a small monastery, with a small chapel, a dormitory for 12 students, a study hall, a few rooms for monks etc.

At present there are two monks there: Fr. Roshen Kavumkal and Fr. Mau Oorpankattil. Fr. Roshen Kavumkal is the superior, the man in charge of the candidates and; Fr. Manu Oorpankattil is the financial administrator and the one takes care of the estate.


Postal Address:

St. John’s Benedictine Monastery

Karuvedakam P.O, Chengala

Kasargod District, Kerala, 671 541.


Fr. Roshen Kavumkal. Tel: 0499 4201352

Mob: 0091 9496592880.

Fr. Manu Oorpankattil. Tel: 0499 4201352

Mob: 0091 8714462829.

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