New Postulants. May 31, 2017

In order to attract vocations to the monastic way of life, we do some systematic recruiting. Six members of the community are entrusted with the responsibility of promoting vocations. Of course, they cannot afford to be out doing this all the time, nor is it necessary. They visit selected parishes usually on Sundays, meet boys and speak to them about monastic life and about Kappadu with the approval and support of the Parish priests. Some of the vocation promoters help the Parish priests by celebrating one of the Sunday Masses in the morning. Those of the boys, who express the desire for monastic life, are invited to visit the monastery, which they do more than once. Their families are visited by our vocation promoters. At the end of this rather long process, a “come and see” program is organized in the monastery. The final selection is made on that occasion. Every year we admit about a dozen candidates. This year we have admitted seven.

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