Fr Libins goes to Manakkadavu. June 7, 2017

In the sermon that he preached on the occasion of the Ordination of  Fr. Jinto Mylammoottil on May 27, Mar George Njaralakkattu, the Archbishop of Thalasserry, made an earnest appeal to Kappadu to give at least one priest to help in his archdiocese. We discussed this request in the community and took a positive decision, for many reasons. Two of our daughter houses are established in the archdiocese of Thalasserry;  several members of Kappadu are from there and there is always the possibility of getting more vocations from there.  Accordingly, Fr. Libins was taken to the [parish of Manikkadavu on the 7th of June, where he is doing good work as the assistant parish priest, under the fraternal guidance of a good and experienced Parish priest.

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