An Outing for the Senior Monks. July 12, 2017

Like all the groups under formation, the senior members of the community also have occasional one-day outings. Taking advantage of the presence of monks from the daughter houses at Kappadu for the feast of St. Benedict, an outing was organised on the 12th of July. There were a dozen of us including Abbot John. After Mass early morning and after a light breakfast we set out at about 6:30 a.m. First we visited the temple town of Guruvayur, where one can see 52 elephants together in one place. They all belong to the famous Hindu temple of Guruvayur, and are generally used for the festivals at the Guruvayur temple; they are also hired by other temples for the same purpose. On our way back we visited two pilgrim centres connected with the visit of St. Thomas to India: the church at Palayur and the church at Kodungalloor. In Ernakulam we visited the newly built splendid church at Edappally. We concluded the outing with a short travel by the newly inaugurated Metro train service in Ernakulam, the so called Kochi Metro. The system can match any of the best Metro train services in the West. As soon as we got into a compartment, we met Mar Pauly Kannokkadan, Bishop of Irinjalakkuda, who is a very good friend of Kappadu. Like us, he too was in the train to have an experience of the Kochi Metro with nine of his priests! That meeting was a grand finale to our outing! By 10:00 p.m we were back in the monastery.

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