Fr Lijo goes Rome. July 22, 2017

After his Priestly Ordination on May 25th, 2009, Fr. Lijo served the community mostly on the level of the formation of our young men. For a few years he was the Master of our junior monks and for many years the Master of one or another group of our postulants. As far as higher studies are concerned, he holds a B.Ed degree from the Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam, and has followed the Formators’ course in Rome- Assisi, organised by the AIM. We decided to send him to do a licentiate in Monastic Theology at the Monastic Institute of Sant’ Anselmo, Rome. After picking up some rudiments of the Italian language with the help of Fr. Reji Mundaplackal, who holds a doctorate in Philosophy from Sant’ Anselmo, Fr. Lijo left for Rome on the 22nd of July. Presently he is following courses of Italian in one of the Language Institutes in Rome. At the beginning of October he will move over to Sant’ Anselmo. It is hoped that by then he will be fluent enough in Italian.

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