ISBF Annual General Body Meeting. July 31-August 5, 2017

Apart from the study programs, the ISBF also organises every year a meeting of all Benedictine superiors in India and Sri Lanka. The total number of superiors who attend the meeting is around 50. Every year the meeting takes place in a different monastery – of course, only in monasteries that can accommodate so many people. This year the meeting was organised at the monastery of Monte Fano, Kandy, belonging to the Silvestrian Congregation. The Abbot Primate was too busy to attend the meeting this year; it is hoped that he will come next year. Fr. Mark Butlin of Ampleforth abbey, represented the AIM. Three monks from our daughter houses and Abbot John from Kappadu participated in the meeting. The community of Kandy offered magnificent hospitality to the participants. Four papers, developing various aspects of community life were presented by four different participants: “Psychological aspects of community living” by Fr. Jude of Monte Fano; “Skills of community living” by Fr. Prior Jerome of Asirvanam; “Communion in Community” by Mother Abbess Nirmala of Shanti Nilayam; and “The early Christian community of Jerusalem as model for the Benedictine community” by Abbot John. Fr. Vincent Korandiarkunnel, the former Conventual Prior of Makkiyad, completed two terms as President of the ISBF and he was succeeded by Fr. Jerome Naduvathaniyil, the Conventual Prior of Asirvanam Monastery, Bangalore. During the last two days an outing was organised for the participants. Abbot John and the three monks were back at Kappadu on the 5th of August.

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