Death of Fr Joy Kappilipparambil's Mother. August 18, 2017

Fr. Joy’s mother had endeared herself to the community of Kappadu, not only as the mother of one of the senior members of the community, but also as a very simple and friendly person. Even though she was rather hard of hearing during the last few years of her life, she would engage people in very spontaneous and friendly conversations. She suffered from high sugar during the last several years of her life. However, she ignored her condition and looked after the family. She had to be hospitalized quite often. About a month ago her condition became serious. An attack of chicken pox complicated the situation. She was treated in two different hospitals and was then brought back home. But then her condition got worse and within a few days she died in a hospital on August 18. Fr. Joy, who is presently in Rome, doing his doctoral studies and working in a parish, arrived a week before her death. The funeral was conducted on the 19th, attended by most of the community members of Kappadu.

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