Arrival of the Benedictine Volunteers. August 19, 2017

Since a few years we are regularly getting two Benedictine volunteers from the College of St. John’s abbey, Collegeville, Minnesota, U.S.A. In the earlier years they used to spend almost a year at Kappadu. Then the one year was divided between Kappadu and the Silvestrian Monastery of Montefano, Kandi, in Sri Lanka. From last year Asirvanam also came into the picture. So, the volunteers spend four months each in the three monasteries. Here at Kappadu they generally help us by teaching English to our candidates. They also join the Brothers in several areas of work, including agricultural work and work in the dairy farm. This year we have received Leng Xiong and Lucas Giese, who arrived on the 19th of August. Both of them are very serviceable and enthusiastic young men

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