Fr. Varghese and the Novices at Anakkara. August 17 – 24, 2017

Usually the various groups of our students go to the Cardamom plantation at Anakkara for “work camps”. The stay by the novices and their Master in the cardamom plantation at Anakkara this time had a different purpose. They went for a study program. Fr. Sebastian (Vilfichen), the parish priest of Anakkara, is a specialist in Spiritual Theology. He agreed to teach a course of Introduction to Christian Spirituality to our Novices. Since he is presently busy with the construction of a new church for the parish, he found it impossible to come down to Kappadu to teach the course. So, we made it easier for him by sending the novices up to Anakkara. The two novices of last year, Bro. Roshen and Bro. Jeffin, who, after their first profession, are presently doing a year of regency at Anakkara, also joined the novices for the classes. They were all very pleased with the classes.

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