Onam celebrations. Septemeber 04, 2017

Onam is a sort of national feast for Kerala. It is celebrated by all, irrespective of cast and creed. It is celebrated also by Keralites living all over the world. Onam is the day on which a legendary king, Maveli, under whose rule the people enjoyed great peace, harmony and prosperity, comes to visit his people. The grandiose celebrations on Onam are meant to give Maveli the impression that his people are still enjoying great prosperity and peace as in his days! Onam is an occasion for all Kappadians, including those living in he daughter houses, to come together at Kappadu. During the two days that precede Onam, the Brothers conduct various friendly matches. A sumptuous vegetarian lunch, served on plantain leaves and eaten with one’s hands, is the highlight of the celebration. A flower design prepared by the Brothers the previous evening adorns the entrance to the refectory. At the outset of lunch one of the Brothers dressed up as Maveli is solemnly welcomed by the community and he is given the seat on the left side of the abbot. Since there is some singing and dancing by the Brothers, lunch takes longer time than usual.

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