Publications / Studies on the Gospel of John

Category : Books
Author: Abbot John Kurichianil OSB
Publication: St. Thomas Benedictine Abbey Kappadu
DescriptionWe have now a project of publishing various books as studies on the Bible and the Rule of St. Benedict. Earlier the books were not published directly by the monastery: A book entitled “Before Thee Face to Face”, a study on prayer in the Bible, was published by the Asian Trading Corporation, Bangalore, and later by St. Paul’s London. Another book on the Rule of St. Benedict, under the title “A Biblical Approach to the Rule of St. Benedict” was published by the ISBF (Indo-Sri Lankan Benedictine Federation), Bangalore. The monastery has now started its own publication under the title “Pondering the Word”. The first volume “Studies on the Gospel of John” is published last week and it will be followed by others. It is a lectio divina approach to the study of the Bible, written by Abbot John Kurichianil. It has five chapters: 1. Believing is a "Work of God", 2. "Love as I have loved you", 3. Believing as a "Work" of Man, 4. Glorified on the Cross, 5. Mary Mother of all believers. Meanwhile a second volume of “A Biblical Approach to the Rule of St. Benedict” is almost ready to be published.

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