Apart from Kappadu we have four other smaller houses. These houses were developed in the course of the past ten years or so. They are not yet canonically established foundations. Rather they are formation houses, each house having three or four monks and a group of candidates under their watchful care.

We launched this project for three reasons. (i) To facilitate formation of our young men. Normally Postulancy lasts for three years. Since the candidates who join the monastery are still very young, 16-18 years of age, it was gradually felt to keep them away from the main monastery of Kappadu, in rather homogeneous groups with at least two or three monks to look after them. It is easier to organize the initial formation of the candidates in smaller houses.

(ii) Financial viability. Since the main source of our income is agriculture, smaller communities with sufficient land, but well cultivated, have a better chance for becoming financially self supporting. This is already a reality, or will become a reality with all our houses. (iii) To spread the Benedictine way of life into other dioceses in Kerala. When we first came to Kerala the desire was expressed by several bishops to have monasteries in their own dioceses. We took this to heart and moved accordingly. That brought about the establishment of four daughter houses in various dioceses of the Syro-Malabar Church in Kerala. It must be added here that these houses are not yet canonically established foundations, though eventually they will move to that stage.