In the year 2005 we purchased a site consisting of 26 acres of land and a rather spacious house from a private family. The house is in the north of Kerala, some 450 kilometers away from Kappadu within the parish of Karivedakam in the Archdiocese of Thalasserry. The house has a variety of agricultural income: rubber, coconuts, arakenuts, pepper, and cashew nuts. Not only the community makes enough money for their own ordinary expenses, but they are also in a position to make some annual contribution to Kappadu. In the year 2007 we completed the construction of a small monastery, with a small chapel, a dormitory for 12 students, a study hall, a few rooms for monks, etc.

At present, there are four monks there: Fr Varghese Padinjarel, Fr Aloysious Njarakkattu, Fr Sinu Makkel, and Fr Stefin Choorappoykayil. Fr. Varghese Padinjarel is Superior. Fr Aloysious Njarakkattu is the Vocation Promoter. Fr Sinu is the procurator. Fr Stefin is the man in charge of the estate and cattle farm.


Postal Address:

St. John’s Benedictine Monastery

Karuvedakam P.O, Chengala

Kasargod District, Kerala, 671 541.


Fr. Varghese Padinjarel: +91 6238198291

Fr. Aloysious Njarakkattu: +91 9287592066

Fr. Sinu Makkel: +91 9061462115

Fr Stefin Choorappoykayil: +91 8156916128