We concentrate much on the educational formation of our young men. Practically all the formation is given here in the monastery. After spending an initial year of basics and two years of college studies, they enter Novitiate. At the completion of Novitiate, the brothers make their Simple profession. And Simple profession is followed by three years of Philosophy at the end of which they also receive the B.A degree from the secular university. Then they make Solemn profession, followed by an year of regency during which the monks are either given some technical training or are given a chance to be fully involved in the running of one or another of the various activities of the monastery. This one year of regency is followed by four years of Theology.

All the courses of Philosophy and Theology are offered here in the monastery. This is to ensure the monastic formation of the candidates. It is important that they grow up with a deep sense of attachment to the monastery and the community. This is possible only if they stay in the monastery and actually share in the joys and sorrows of the community. Of course, for the courses we depend very much on the help of visiting professors. And we have a supply of very competent professors. Slowly our own community members will take up much of the teaching, as five of our young monks are at the moment doing post graduate studies in various centres.