Syro Malabar Church has its own liturgical year. which  is ordered according to the flow of salvation history. It focuses on the historical life of Jesus. There are nine seasons for the liturgical year. They are:

  1. Annunciation (Subara)
  2. Epiphany (Denha)
  3. Great Fast (Sawma Rabba)
  4. Resurrection (Qyamta)
  5. Apostles (Slihe)
  6. Summer (Qaita)
  7. Elijah-Cross (Elijah-Sliba)
  8. Moses (Muse)
  9. Dedication of the Church (Qudas-Edta)

According to the East Syrian tradition, the following are the seven times of prayer. 

  • Ramsha or the Evening Liturgy (6 p. m.)
  • Lelya or the Night Liturgy (9 p. m.)
  • Qala d-Shahra or the Vigil Liturgy (3 a. m.)
  • Sapra or the Morning Liturgy (6 a. m.)
  • Quta'a or the Third Hour Liturgy (9 a. m.)
  • Endana or the Noon Liturgy (12 p. m.)
  • D-Bathsha Shayin or the Ninth Hour Liturgy (3 p. m.)

In the Abbey and in our daughter houses we follow the Syro-Malabar liturgy. Usually we celebrate Ramsa, Lelya, Sapra and Endana in a rather solemn form with a very monastic spirit. Other liturgical hours are prayed in private.