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  • Fr. George Kottukappally
    Birthday: October 25

  • Fr. Felix Kulathinkal
    Birthday: October 28

  • Fr. Benedict Kavummuriyil
    Birthday: November 19

  • Fr. Clement Ettaniyil
    Feast: November 22

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SVD Fathers at Kappadu for Monastic Experience. June 28, 2016.

Since some years, the newly ordained priests of the Missionary Society of the Divine Word come to Kappadu every year for a week’s monastic experience. This year they were seven and they were with us from the 28th of June till the 7th of July. They took part in our community life. Fr. Sheen, our former prior, guided them during the week. ...more»

Visit of Br. Leon from Mambre. June 22, 2016.

Since a few years, Kappadu Abbey has close relationship with the Benedictine Monastery of Mambre in Kinshasa, Congo, which is a foundation of St. Andrew’s Priory, Ottignies, Balgium. Three of our monks worked in that community, two of them are still there. For the first time, the community sent one of their young men, Bro. Leon, to be with us at Kappadu for a few weeks. We are happy with him since he joins our community life as fully as possible. ...more»

Excursion for Students of Theology and Philosophy. June 20-24, 2016.

This is another side of the life of our young people. They study and work hard, and occasionally they are also given days of relaxation. Usually such outings are organised separately for the students of Theology and Philosophy. This time they had it together. They, nineteen of them all together, went to Mysore, a tourist attraction in the neighbouring State of Karnataka, with Fr. Reji Edavazhickal, who is in charge of the junior monks, and Fr. Lijo Theganattu, who is responsible for the format...more»

Work Camp for Theologians at Anakkara. June 13-17, 2016.

Rainy season is a time of hard work for Kappadu particularly on the agricultural front. It is the time when a lot of work has to be done in the shortest period of time in our cardamom plantation at Anakkara. We do have about 20 regular workers in the estate. However, even with that many, it is impossible to finish all the necessary work in time. So our students of Theology, all the seven of them, were there to give the workers a helping hand. Thanks to their energy and generosity, much work wa...more»

First year Candidates leave for Karivedakam. June 5, 2016

This year we have admitted ten new candidates. Fr. Roshen Kavummuriyil is in charge of them. On the 5th of June they proceeded to St. John’s Monastery, our daughter house in the archdiocese of Thalasserry in the north of Kerala. Normally they will live there three years and Fr. Roshen will be responsible for their formation all the three years. It is on completion of the three years that those of them, who desire to continue, and whom we find fit, will come to Kappadu to enter...more»

Bros. Stefin, Santo and Albin return to Kappadu. June 4, 2016.

These three monks return to Kappadu to begin the study of Theology. They were in St. Paul’s Monastery, Anakkara, for one year. It was their year of regency. They made great contribution to the Cardamom estate by their hard work. Fr. Martin, who was the superior, (presently in Rome), and Fr. Sinu Makkel, the one in charge of the estate, and presently also superior, and the three Brothers together lived there the monastic way of life quite seriously. ...more»

Bros. Jijesh, Albin and Droney settle at Anakkara. June 4, 2016.

From last year the young monks immediately after their final profession do their one year regency at Anakkara. This enhanced number enables the community there to live the Benedictine life more fully, especially to celebrate the liturgy in a fitting manner. They are also in a position to make substantial contribution to the development of the cardamom plantation there by their work. This year it was the turn of Bros. Jijesh, Albin and Drioney, who made the final profession on the 23rdmore»

Fr. Jose Kunnel moves to Kochara parish. June 4, 2016..

Fr Jose Kunnel
At the request of the diocese of Kanjirappally, which suffers from shortage of priests from time to time, Fr. Jose Kunnel, one of the senior priests of Kappadu, took up pastoral work at the parish of Kochara on the 4th of June. Abbot John and four other monks took him to Kochara. It is a parish in the high ranges, where climate is very pleasant throughout the year. It is only few kilometres away from our daughter house, St. Paul’s Monastery at Anakkara. ...more»

Monastic Profession. May 23, 2016.

During the Eucharistic Celebration at 11:00 a.m. on the 23rd of May Bro. Jijesh Kodackanal from the archdiocese of Thalasserry, Bro. Albin Ernakuzhiyil from the diocese of Kothamangalam and Bro. Droney Kuppozhackal from the diocese of Pala, made solemn profession. Along with them Bro. George Adichiyil from the diocese of Idikki, Bro. Manu Kavumkal from the diocese of Pala and Bro. Albin Parekkattil from the diocese of Manathavady, made the first profession. We are sure that all of t...more»

Entrance to the novitiate. May 22, 2016.

Two of our postulants, Bro. Roshen Vattamattathil from the diocese of Pala and Bro. Jeffin Plasseril from the archdiocese of Ernakulam, after successfully completing three years of postulancy, were admitted to novitiate during the Evening Prayer on the 22nd of May. Both of them are very energetic and enthusiastic young men. We are confident they will have a fruitful novitiate under the guidance of their Master Fr. Varghese Padinjarel, who is also our new Prior, and will make the fir...more»

Visit of Fr. Valerian Gonsalves. May 12-15, 2016

Fr. Valerian Gonsalves, who hails from the State of Karnataka, India, was at Kappadu from the 12th till the 15th of May. Once upon a time he was a monk of Kappadu. Presently he works in the diocese of Tulsa, Oklahoma, in the U.S.A. He remains a good friend and benefactor of the monastery. This time he made it a point to visit also our daughter houses which he has not visited in the past. ...more»

MIC Course at Mariamala Monastery. April 4-30, 2016

The annual Monastic Institute Course organised by the ISBF was conducted this year at the Vallambrosan Monastery of Mariamala, near Kaduthuruthy, Kerala from the 4th till the 30th of April. As usual the programme lasted for four weeks. During the four weeks four different topics were taught by four different professors. This year there were approximately 30 participants, including seven monks from Kappadu. Abbot John Kurichianil taught a course on “Mercy in the Bibl...more»

Visit of Bro. Richards Paul OSB. March 16-20, 2016

For the past few years we have been receiving Benedictine volunteers from the college of St. John’s Abbey, Collegeville, Minnesota, U.S.A. Bro. Richards Paul, who is in charge of the Volunteers Program of St. John’s abbey, visited Kappadu to have an idea about the monastery where he has been sending volunteers in the past. We are expecting two volunteers again this year. They will arrive on the 8th of July. ...more»

ISBF Executive Body Meeting. February 27, 2016.

This time the ISBF Executive Body Meeting was held at the Monastery of the Tutsing Sisters at Punalur. Abbot John participated in the meeting. Fr. Prior Jerome Naduvathaniyil of Asirvanam and Fr. Prior Nirmal of Kumali had come to Kappadu on the previous evening. All the three of them went to Punalur together. ...more»

Visit of the Abbot President Jeremias Schröder. February 26-27, 2016.

Rt. Rev. Jeremias Schroder OSB, the Abbot President of the Ottilien Congregation, came to Kappadu on the 26th afternoon and was with us till the 27th morning. He had come to visit his own community at Kumali. As a rule whenever he comes to Kumali he also visits Kappadu. He did the same this time also. We are very grateful to him for his friendship. ...more»

Abbot John Kurichianil turns seventy. February 20, 2016.

It was an occasion of simple celebration for Kappadu. All the brethren from all our houses arrived either on the previous evening or early morning. The highlight of the celebration was the Morning Prayer followed by the community Mass at which all ordained monks of Kappadu, presently in India, con-celebrated. This was followed by breakfast, at which Abbot John cut the birthday cake. Since Fr. Anselm has his birthday on the 21st, we anticipated that. He too cut a birthday cake along ...more»

Fr. Aloysius Njarakkattu to Kappadu. February 19, 2016.

Fr. Aloysius returns to Kappadu after spending after spending seven months at the Monastery of Mount St. Benedict Trinidad. He had gone for helping the community for two years. But his health condition did not allow him to stay that long. We are very grateful to Abbot John Pereira and the community of Trinidad for taking very good care of him during his stay with them. ...more»