History of Our Abbey

St. Thomas Benedictine Abbey belongs to the Benedictine Congregation of the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary, originally known as the Belgian Congregation. Our Abbey is founded within the Syro-Malabar rite in Kerala. The new Monaste...

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Kappadu Abbey Welcomes You

The monk’s life is to consist of prayer, study and work, though when speaking of the Benedictine way of life people generally speak of the Benedictine motto as “ora et labora”. Right from the beginning we have given importance t...

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Abbot's Message

It is thanks to the help and support of many that the new monastery came up. Of course, first of all it is a work of the Divine Providence. which has been evident from the moment the new project was launched till today. Immense ...

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Latest News

Birthdays & Feast Days

St. Benedict & Benedictines

St. Benedict was born in the year 480, in the province of Nursia, Italy. The Roman Empire had come to an end only four years before, in 476, and thus the young Benedict grew up in a country where the decay of the old Roman civilisation was in evidence everywhere. His parents were Christian and sent him to study law in Rome when he was...

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Our Daughter Houses

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